Meet the Board of Trustees

By Jon Walker
Executive Director, Pueblo City-County Library District
(First published in January 2007)
There are so many great people who contribute to the success of our award-winning Library District.
Certainly, this list includes the many excellent employees, fabulous Friends of the Library, and outstanding volunteers who provide their time, skills and efforts to make this a top-notch institution. Each of these groups does so much it is difficult to sufficiently recognize their contributions.
Another group in this category is the Library District Board of Trustees. The Pueblo City-County Library District Board of Trustees deserve the respect of every citizen of our county for their dedication, professionalism, and willingness to help the library succeed - thereby making our community a better place to live and raise our families.
The Board of Trustees consists of seven individuals who act as the governing body for the library district. Trustees receive no salary or other compensation for the services they provide the library. Members of the board are chosen from the residents of the City and County of Pueblo, and are appointed and ratified by a joint commission of the Pueblo County Commissioners and the Pueblo City Council.
Today, the seven members of the Board are Ms. Joyce Vigil (President), Ms. Marlene Bregar, Dr. Phillip Mancha, Mr. Fredrick Quintana, Mr. Jim Stuart, Ms. Frances Terrazas-Alexander and Mr. Gil Trujillo.
Each of these individuals contributes to our community and library by serving as board members. But they are also productive professionals. Ms. Vigil is an attorney, Mr. Quintana and Ms. Bregar are educators, Dr. Mancha a retired college administrator, Ms. Terrazas-Alexander a human resource manager, Mr. Trujillo a postal worker and union president, and Mr. Stuart a retired businessman. Each brings their valuable advice, wisdom and lessons learned to assist in governing the library district.
Together these citizen trustees donate hundreds of hours each year to help make our library one of the premier institutions in our community and in Colorado. If we were to pay them for their services, it would cost tens of thousands of dollars each year. But they provide their time for no compensation. They truly are citizens serving the community.


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