Reflecting on This Year and The Next

As we enter the final month of 2011, we also begin to look ahead to 2012. Of course, for me, this means both reflecting on what the library district has accomplished in the current year and looking ahead to what we will be working to achieve in the new year.
2011 has been a busy and productive year. Some of the attainments for the library district include establishing the new Pueblo Library Foundation to help ensure the long-term financial health of the institution, completing the fourth annual distinguished author dinner and public program with record participation from library supporters, and, of course, the addition of plenty of new books and other materials to library collections. 2011 also saw the library district invest further in the emerging world of digital information services as we began checking-out laptops, iPads, and nooks. This new service has taken off with large numbers of individual library customers coming into our freshly established Centers for New Information Technology at both the Barkman and Rawlings Libraries to borrow these wireless devices to use at home, on-the-road, in the office, or at school for communicating, learning, and browsing. I also am pleased with the library’s new adult literacy education initiative, designed to help illiterate adults-in-need learn to read. Finally, as we approach the end of the current year, it is clear that, once again, we will check out more library books and other materials than ever before in the history of the district and we will experience a new all-time record level of use of public-access computers in our libraries. It is clear that 2011 marks a successful year as we work toward our goal of ensuring that ours is a community of readers.
Looking ahead to 2012, the library district has big plans for engaging our community even more profoundly. We will continue to grow our emerging e-book initiative by increasing the number of locations where laptops, iPads and e-readers are available for check-out. In 2012, we look forward to expanding the Centers for New Information Technology to the Pueblo West Library, the Library @ the Y, the Lamb Library, and the mini-bookmobile service we fondly call Books a la Cart. We also intend to continue to increase our procurements of new print books, e-books and related materials. Even more importantly, we expect to make exciting announcements before the end of this year regarding our longstanding goal to add new branch libraries to reach further out into the underserved areas of Pueblo County. Stay tuned for more on these, literally, groundbreaking plans.
2011 has been a great year for public libraries in our community and 2012 is shaping up to be the library district’s best year, yet!


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