Libraries & Literacy

A large part of the library’s role in the community is to encourage the joy of reading and offer free and open access to information.   Included in this is the notion that the library’s mission encompasses working to help ensure a high level of literacy within Pueblo County.  
In recent years, the library has further defined this function by assigning specific tasks regarding literacy to individuals on staff.  The intent is to make certain that the library’s responsibility for literacy is addressed as a priority and in an ongoing and systematic fashion throughout the county.
While a large number of library staff are involved in this, there are two key people who work on this as a regular job assignment.  I would like to introduce both of them to you in this article. 
The first is Amy Nelson.  Amy serves as the librarian who emphasizes adult literacy.  She oversees the library’s Adult Literacy Program. This service provides classes and one-to-one tutoring for native English speakers and English-language learners who want to improve their reading, spelling, writing, and comprehension skills.  Adult illiteracy remains a problem in this country and in our community.  For example, according to the National Assessment of Adult Literacy’s most recent data, thirteen percent of those sixteen years and older living in Pueblo County lack basic literacy skills.  For more information on the library’s Adult Literacy Program, see
http://www.pueblolibrary.org/adultliteracyprogram or call 553-0206.
In addition, I would like to introduce you to Mary Grant.  Mary serves as the Librarian who oversees the library’s childhood literacy efforts.  She works to make sure that library collections, activities and programs appropriately engage and encourage young people’s reading growth and offer educational opportunities for parents/guardians about early literacy values and techniques to encourage success.  You can learn more about this effort by calling 562-5603.  
The work of both of these librarians and each of the others on the library staff who provide services that promote and teach literacy are important contributors to a fundamental component of what the library seeks to achieve.  Simply stated, we want to guarantee that ours is a community of readers.  This important work is done in the belief that literacy is a key skill in the modern world for individual growth, achievement and success. 


The library is a learning institution.  First and foremost, the Pueblo City-County Library District (PCCLD) exists to ensure members of our...