Annual Report

PCCLD issues a yearly comprehensive report, which may be characterized as providing an overall health assessment of public library services in the county. I recently delivered the library’s 2011 Annual Report to the Pueblo County Commissioners and the Pueblo City Council. It is a good news story that I would like to overview now for you.

In 2011, the library was fully focused on its mission, which is to encourage literacy and the joy of reading, offer continuing opportunities for lifelong learning, and provide free and open access to information. The staff’s adopted motto, which engages with this mission, is: “Ideas, Imagination & Information.” The vision for PCCLD includes books but also goes beyond such traditional library materials to include other forms of information media, like access to the Internet and digital information.

The library staff in 2011 worked consistently to implement services under these guiding principles. This started at the top with the library’s leadership, including the members of the PCCLD Board of Trustees: Sherri Baca, Marlene Bregar, Rhonda Gonzalez, Dr. Philip Mancha, Roy Miltner, Fredrick Quintana and Jim Stuart.

Governed by these principles and this leadership, PCCLD accomplished a great deal in 2011. Some of our firsts for the year included establishing the Centers for New Information Technology (www.pueblolibrary.org/technology), the Pueblo Library Foundation (http://www.pueblolibrary.org/foundation), and the Adult Literacy Program (www.pueblolibrary.org/adultliteracyprogram). In addition, the library continued to offer its award-winning public programming and events. These included signature events such as the Summer Reading Club (www.pueblolibrary.org/summerreading), All Pueblo Reads (www.pueblolibrary.org/allpuebloreads), the Voices of the Valley Chautauqua , and Read Out Loud! In total, 91,692 people participated in library sponsored programs and events throughout the district in 2011. The library’s information delivery services also continued to excel in 2011. 405,359 logged-on library computer systems during the year. 1,130,546 visited libraries in the county in 2011. 1,759,499 books and other library materials were checked out from the library in the twelve month period.

It is important also to applaud our Friends. The PCCLD Friends of the Library have contributed much to library service in the county over the years, and 2011 was another banner year in this regard. Under the leadership of Annette Warfield (President), Michael Voute (Vice President), Brenda Fickey (Secretary), and Mary Simmons (Treasurer), the Friends of the Library generated more than $111,000 in revenues in 2011, all of which ultimately benefits public library services throughout the county.

2011 was a great year for PCCLD (see http://www.pueblolibrary.org/sites/default/files/2011_PCCLD_Annual_Report_audited.pdf to review the entire 2011 Annual Report), and now we remain hard at work to keep the positive momentum going in 2012. Our ultimate goal is simple: we aim to provide the best public library service in the nation. Our community deserves nothing less.


The library is a learning institution.  First and foremost, the Pueblo City-County Library District (PCCLD) exists to ensure members of our...