Improving Library Service

2012 was a banner year for the library district. More than 1,800,000 books and other library materials were checked out to individual members of the public during the course of the last twelve months. This is the most checkouts in the history of the library district. In fact, the use of our libraries in the county has more than doubled in the past ten years.

Without doubt this is a splendid accomplishment. But along with this success has come challenges. Keeping up with the continuously increasing volume of use can be taxing. We have studied the matter to determine how to stay up with the pace of dramatically growing use. Of course, we need to do this within the framework of the limited resources available to the library district.

As a result, we are unveiling some changes. These are designed to maintain an excellent record of customer service and better manage the growing business. The modifications include book returns to automatically check-in books, specialized equipment to mechanize the sorting of returned books and speed their re-shelving, and public-use kiosks to simplify the customer check-out process. We are even streamlining the method for getting a library card.

Planning for these changes commenced in earnest last year. Library employees and contractors have been busily making preparations for the past several weeks. This has resulted in some short-term inconveniences. Most notably, the Barkman and Lamb Libraries were temporarily closed for the month of January. The Rawlings and Pueblo West Libraries also have been undergoing some refurbishing, which has caused more minor interim burdens at these two locations.

We are excited to unveil the refreshed service conveniences to the public beginning in February. There likely will be a small learning curve as library employees and the library-using public becomes accustomed to some of the new features. These changes should allow the library district to continue to provide the best possible library service to the public at the least expense.


The library is a learning institution.  First and foremost, the Pueblo City-County Library District (PCCLD) exists to ensure members of our...