We are in the midst of another great summer. The Pueblo City-County Library District is sponsoring programs for all ages throughout the summer months designed to encourage and celebrate the joy of reading. The project kicked-off in June and continues well into August. 

We are pleased that the summer reading program has continued to grow in popularity in recent years. Last year a record number of people participated in the library’s summer reading program. So far, it looks like another top-notch summer is unfolding in 2013. I hope you already are participating. But it is not too late to join in the fun. There are programs for adults, young adults and children. 

Of course, reading is fundamentally important for all ages. But for younger people studies show that it is very likely vital to the quality of their later life. Simply stated, the better you read, the more apt you are to succeed. This summer’s library program is designed especially to present programming, events and activities to promote and encourage reading among our youth. Our goal is simple. We aim to keep kids reading all summer long. We don’t focus on assigned reading nor reading as work. Instead, we emphasize reading for fun. Read comics. Read Manga. Read graphic novels. Read fun magazines. Read whatever is entertaining. Just read.

Why is it important for young people to read for fun during the summer? The short answer is the simple act of exercising reading skills during the summer helps keep them sharper for the next academic school year. The more you read, the better you read. 

This helps reduce what educators commonly refer to as “summer setback.” This is the phenomenon whereby during the summer break away from school, young people tend to lose the learning momentum from the prior school year and can forget significant pieces of what was learned. Scholarly research supports this notion, and, also, that this decline can be more pronounced with reading skills. Evidence shows that those who are better readers are those who read more, and when reading slows or stops during the summer, then skills atrophy. In order to help prevent this setback, the library district’s summer program features events and activities designed to promote and encourage reading among our youth.

I hope that you and the young people in your life are reading this summer. The library’s summer reading program can help, and it’s free, it’s fun and it’s important.


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