The citizens of Pueblo County hold their public libraries in high esteem. How do I know? People are voting with their feet. Last year, in 2012, about 1.1 million visitors used our local libraries. So far in the first six months of the current year, we are fifteen percent ahead of last year’s record-setting pace.

We believe this is an indicator of good things to come for our community for at least a few important reasons. First, as Thomas Jefferson advocated, an educated populace is vital to the success of our democracy. This bodes well for us as more people in our community than ever before are availing themselves of the library’s educational and cultural resources. Second, we know that a higher general level of education is a necessary prerequisite for vibrant economic growth and employment. As use of the public library increases, we improve the prospects for an improved quality of life for all of us. Third, people take pride in their public libraries. Libraries usually stand at the center of a neighborhood, signifying the importance the community places in the value of lifelong learning.

The increasing use of our libraries is great news for all of us. It is a testament that our community’s future moving forward is bright. Our public libraries serve to connect the local learning setting with the global resources of information and knowledge and, in so doing, help make Pueblo a better place to live. As our libraries prosper, so does our community.


PCCLD is a full-service public library.  There are eight PCCLD facilities each providing a complete range of library activities.  These inc...