We are making adjustments at the library district. This is nothing new. Libraries have always been evolving in order to better meet customer expectations for fast, friendly, and effective service. But the current changes are unique to today.

Our library customers have seen several innovations in the past year. Leading the way are new stations for checking-out books and other library materials, and new ways for checking-in, too. These certainly have made their marks on the delivery of library service.

We made these modifications with a purpose in mind. The new check-out and check-in routines take less staff time, reduce the distance between staff and customers, and eliminate waste in our delivery of service. A recent benchmark analysis shows how much the new processes have helped lessen the burden on staff resources and improve service performance. Several unnecessary steps involving a number of routine tasks have been eliminated. Among the results are better, more accurate, and speedier services for customers, and less job monotony and improved ergonomics for staff. Importantly, we also have freed up staff time by embracing these leaner concepts and eliminating waste.

Streamlining operations and freeing staff resources is important for the library district’s future. We will open three additional libraries later next year. Staffing for these new libraries will come in some large measure by reallocating some employees from one of the current libraries to one of the three new libraries. We would not have been able to afford to operate the new libraries without this shift in staffing.

Our goal is straightforward. We aim to provide the best possible public library service to our community. The additional libraries on Pueblo’s East Side, on the St. Charles Mesa, and in the Greenhorn Valley are an important part of our strategy. We certainly appreciate your continued support as we make the adjustments necessary to continue to improve and expand library services to best fulfill our mission.


The library is a learning institution.  First and foremost, the Pueblo City-County Library District (PCCLD) exists to ensure members of our...