I am very excited about this summer’s reading fun for young people that is available at the library. The Pueblo City-County Library District is sponsoring activities this summer designed to encourage literacy and celebrate the joy of reading. Everything kicks off in June and continues into August.

Our goal is simple. We aim to keep kids reading all summer long. We don’t focus on assigned reading or reading for study. Instead, we emphasize reading for fun.

Read comics, read Manga, read graphic novels, read fun magazines, read whatever is entertaining. Just read.

Why is it important for young people to read for fun during the summer? The short answer is the simple act of exercising reading skills during the summer helps keep them sharp for the next school year. The more you read, the better you read. Studies show that participation in library summer reading programs can make a positive difference in a young person’s long-term reading and academic achievement, and overall quality of life.

The library’s summer reading program has continued to increase in popularity and participation. In 2013, more people were part of the reading program than ever before. 2014 should be another top-notch summer of reading. Look for announcements elsewhere in this newsletter for dates and times of special activities and events designed to make reading all the rage this summer. Information also is available at your local library, on the library’s website (www.pueblolibrary.org), and in the local media.

I hope the young people in your life are reading this summer. The library’s summer reading program can help, and it’s free, it’s fun, and it’s important. It can help establish a positive foundation for young people to last a lifetime.


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