I invite you to visit the Rawlings Library to see our latest addition there. The Idea Factory, located on the 2nd floor, was recently unveiled to the public for the first time. We consider The Idea Factory as a special new space--a makerspace. Making is about getting hands-on using the latest and greatest technologies and tools to do real and meaningful work.
The Idea Factory represents a modern expression of public library service. It includes digital information equipment organized in a work area designed to enhance both individual use and collaboration. It includes the latest in wireless tablets and tablet applications, 3D printing, large screen video displays, cutting-edge kinetic and virtual reality technology, and up-to-date graphic design, video editing and web development software and hardware. All of this is for your use and enjoyment with courteous library staff nearby to help you get started.

The Idea Factory also features laptops and iPads for you to use, computers equipped with widescreen displays and running the latest Windows software, and a full array of printing and copying productivity equipment.

The Idea Factory aims to provide the widest possible audience within our community with access to the latest in hardware and software tools for digital creating and learning. We are providing this infrastructure so more kids and adults have the opportunity to spend meaningful time experiencing and using digital tools that were even not available until only recently.

Please come check it out!


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